Van Hoesen/Hunt Bassoon Profiler

As a result of our work on the Oboe Gouger we were introduced to John Hunt, Professor of Bassoon at Eastman School of Music. He was working with K. David van Hoesen in their efforts to improve and quantify the profiler that Mr. van Heosen had developed. We were able to digitize key elements of the profiler to ensure repeatability and accuracy from machine to machine. - $2,300

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Toolmakers Note:

As in most development projects, we tend to learn more about the subject that we're developing than we intended at the start. The profiler is no exception. We have had some unflattering remarks made about this profiler recently that need addressing. Namely, profiling is only one aspect of making a good reed. Dr. Van Hoesen had us copy his design and develope it into a CNC program so that we could faithfully reproduce the shapes acurately from machine to machine. This we have done, and each machine is sent to Dr. Van Hoesen for his approval before it is shipped to the customer. We have at least two customers that make reeds commercially using this profiler. Here's the obvious rub. We have no control over the quality of the cane that is used. There are other more subtle changes that can be made. (see below)

Bassoon Profiler Blades

We have had a number of requests for new blades for the Hunt/vanHoesen Profiler and also for the Pfeiffer Profiler. We can now offer these blades in either Tool Steel (D-2) or Powdered metal. If you have old blades that need resharpening, we would be glad to quote you for this service. Call us at 207-883-2455 or click for blade options.

Toolmaker's Note:

One of the "tricks" that reedmakers use is to take an India Stone and "dull" the edge of the blade. This in effect is adding a "secondary sheer" to the edge of the blade. This trick was devised to prevent the blade from taking too big of a cut. Every material has an optimum secondary sheer. We are now offering blades with this seconday sheer. Ask for it when you order blades from us.

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Van Hoesen/Hunt Bassoon Profiler


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